The Benefits of asking for help

What do you need help with?

Would you be more likely to exercise if you had a buddy? Could you do with a hand to sort out your space? Are you feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of addressing a health issue or are money worries keeping you awake? Perhaps you are struggling at work, your child doesn’t seem to be able to make friends or your partner isn’t herself. Is asking for help the answer?

Some people are more than happy to ask for help, others are reluctant. Why? For those who choose to go it alone, perhaps feelings of guilt, shame, fear, or failure may come into play. The thought of being judged stops many of us reaching out or it could be that you think you are the only one in your situation, therefore who could help?

benefits of asking for help

Who could help?

Depending on your circumstances and what it is you need some support with, there is often help at hand available from family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, online groups/forums, statutory support services, organisations and businesses.

What does help look like?

Help could be a “one-off,”  short term or long term. A physical or virtual group could offer support. Help could be paid for or from a statutory/voluntary service. 

The benefits of asking for help

  • Tick – Something on your “list of things to do” gaining a big tick. A tick is particularly helpful if it is something which is preventing you from getting started with a particular goal. Maybe decluttering the garage will create a space in which to work on an exercise program or creative project. You may feel a sense of achievement, which could be a catalyst for tackling other areas, producing a snowball effect.
  • Relief – You could feel a sense of relief that someone else is going to manage a particular task/situation or as though a heavyweight has been lifted. This may positively influence your future decisions around whether to seek support.
  • Valued – You may feel valued because a friend recognises the importance of helping you and is willing to offer their time. Providing you with time is one of the most helpful things someone can offer, particularly if you are a single, working parent/carer. Family members, friends and colleagues, in turn, may feel valued if you choose to ask for help in an area of their expertise. 
  • Knowledge – You might learn new skills, strategies and tactics for developing healthful habits, or an appreciation of how or why it is that you are where you are. This could inform decisions/thoughts around how you might do things differently in the future. Self-evaluation is a helpful process for taking control and feeling confident in your abilities to make positive changes.
  • Connection – Asking for support can help you feel less isolated, see that you do not need to be/feel that you are on your own and often will allow you to realise there are probably other people in the same and worse situations than you. Asking for help and feeling helpful allows us to connect with others.
  • Friendship – You could make new friends with like-minded people, with whom you might share the same interest or goals. Being part of a group or team may be motivating and offer a sense camaraderie. A team could enable you to step out of your comfort zone and feel a sense of purpose and achievement. Connecting with others in similar circumstances to you may allow you to open up and offer a mutual support network. 

And finally…

So, how do you feel when you help someone out? Perhaps, depending on their request you might feel pleased they have trusted you or happy to do someone a favour. Maybe you are glad that you can share something that works for you and good about yourself because someone has recognised your particular strength or skill and wants to “use” it. Perhaps you wished they hadn’t of asked! Depending on the support you need, asking for help has many benefits. Finally, the key is to find the right kind of help that works for you and your situation.

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