Magical H2O

Magical H20, it’s refreshing, invigorating, free and provides your body with a whole host of benefits. Whilst how much water your body needs depends on your level of activity, country of residence and a whole lot of other factors… that said, I think it is safe to say, aiming to drink 2 – 2.5 litres of plain, sparkling, fruit infused water or herbal or fruit tea, will help keep your body well hydrated. I find keeping a track of my water intake helpful, it reminds me to drink it and I drink less hot chocolate! You could devise a chart, move a peg along a self-made card strip, find an app, buy a “tracking” bottle, whatever works for you!

The loveliest water imaginable…straight from the Athabasca Glacier in Canada!

Athabasca Glacier, Canada

Why drink water?

The benefits of drinking water are numerous, here are my top 8 reasons for prioritising upping your H2O! So, in no particular order…

  1. Helps with weight loss – drinking water can help you feel fuller, drinking a glass 20 minutes before a meal may lead to consuming fewer calories.
  2. Promotes clearer skin – water flushes out toxins which can cause inflammation and clogged pores.
  3. Encourages “balance” – 60% of our bodies are made of water! Water has many essential roles, including digestion, regulating temperature, transporting nutrients. Drinking enough water will ensure your fluid levels are balanced.
  4. Optimises waste disposal…your kidneys need enough fluids to work effectively as does your colon. Drinking enough water will encourage your digestive system to work smoothly.
  5. Facilitates productivity and helps you feel more alert. Dehydration can cause tiredness which leads to feeling less motivated. Ensure you well hydrated for improved performance, refreshed and revitalised!
  6. Helps prevent headaches and general aches and pains. Dehydration can be to blame for a feeling of unwellness. Before reaching for a painkiller, try a glass of water, it might do the trick!
  7. Supports muscles – sweating causes muscles to lose water, leading to tiredness. Keep hydrated whilst working out to ensure you meet your targets.
  8. Helps balance the effects of caffeinated and alcoholic drinks. Lots of people enjoy tea, coffee, soft drinks, beer, wines and cocktails! Upping your water intake will help balance the effects of caffeine, sugar and alcohol which can have a diuretic effect or contribute to dehydration.

Initially, drinking more water is likely to mean extra trips to the loo but this is a short-term inconvenience. You will know when your system is clean as a whistle when your urine is a light straw colour.

So pour yourself a glass and enjoy the benefits of adding water to your daily routine.  If you don’t like plain water try adding some fruit to pimp up the flavour!

Glass of water

Just a note on Plastic…

Around 8-12 million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean each year… In the UK 35 million bottles are used each day, many of which are not recycled.  So please invest in a good reusable bottle and help reduce the waste.  We really like the Klean Kanteen Classic, it’s BPA free, lightweight and great for keeping your water cool.

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