Do you have too much stuff?

How do you feel about your living space? Content and relaxed or irritated and disgruntled? Do you walk from room to room admiring your organised, clean abode or are you aware of your bulging drawers? Can you find things quickly and easily or do you frantically search for your shoes? Are your belongings easily accessible or is getting something from a cupboard like a game of KerPlunk?

Are you bothered? If not, perhaps you should be. Read on to discover our top 10 reasons to declutter. You might not be particularly enamoured by the prospect of sorting your stuff but perhaps this post will inspire you to make some changes. You may be surprised to discover that the reasons to declutter are not just about having tidy drawers… Read on to see how taking control of your space may enable you to feel, content, empowered and kind.

Decluttering-Feel Content

Being content is something many people strive towards. What’s that got to do with decluttering? Well ensuring your space is clean, tidy, inviting and relaxing is conducive to supporting feelings of contentment. Creating a space where you can feel calm, connected, creative and comfortable is probably the most important reason to declutter. Your home is the place where you can be yourself, do you feel content in your home?

Decluttering-Feel Productive

Often being productive equates to getting things done, crossing something off the list or utilising your time. Being productive when it comes to decluttering, is particularly beneficial because a visible result is achieved. The results of your productivity will boost your mood and may encourage you to tackle another shelf. Being able to see and appreciate the impact of your efforts is important, it provides a purpose to the task.

Decluttering-Feel Creative

Do you enjoy painting, drawing, making things, baking, playing the guitar or journaling? How often do you make time to do those things that you love? Creating a space where you can enjoy being creative is definitely one of my favourite reasons to declutter. As well as lack of time, not having space or resources/materials to hand are reasons why people might not do those things which inspire them. Perhaps people have also forgotten how great it feels to reconnect with doing something that brings pleasure and joy. So get decluttering and unleash your creative spirit! This will also likely enable you to feel more content with life…

Decluttering-Feel Organised

The benefit of knowing where all your belongings are and being able to find what you want when you need it is one of those reasons to declutter that will positively impact on your mood, time management and productivity. Creating systems in your home to make life easier will allow you to focus your time and attention on the important stuff. Being organised means being less reactive and more proactive. If your home is clean, tidy and clutter free it will be far easier to keep it that way. Also, there will be time and space to get creative!

Decluttering-Feel Resourceful

Being able to utilise what you already have, sell what you no longer need and avoid repeat/multiple purchases are cost-effective reasons to declutter. How often have you bought something to discover you already have it, or something similar? If your wardrobe is a place of mystery as most of your clothes live on a chair or over the exercise bike, you might be surprised to discover items you can recycle, sell or dare I say it – wear! Making space for your current clothes is a good place to start if you want to create a calm, relaxing space to unwind and sleep. 

Decluttering-Feel Connected

For many people, feeling connected to their friends and family is a central and important part of their life. Photographs, keepsakes and special gifts may have pride of place in your home. Or perhaps, for you, visual reminders of your achievements, childhood memories or awards feature. Taking the time and care to showcase those “memories”  may motivate you to declutter. Is it that your photographs or anniversary present is currently “away” as there is nowhere to put it? Maybe your trophies are covered in dust and have become bookends…or you’re worried that if your treasured processions are displayed, they will get lost or damaged. Decluttering your home may provide you with the space to feel connected to those people you love and proud of your personal achievements. 

Decluttering-Feel Kind

Do you like to “paying it forward” or take pleasure from knowing someone else will benefit from something you do? If so this might be one of those reasons to declutter which is not only great for you but will positively impact others too. Giving your unwanted clothes or unused items to charity is helpful all round! Showing someone kindness by offering them something they may find useful, rather than listing it on eBay, won’t make you any richer but will definitely help you feel good about yourself.

Decluttering-Feel Focused

Are you are the sort of person who is easily distracted, jumps from one thing to another or finds it difficult to complete something? If so decluttering your space may allow you to focus on a specific task and encourage you to be productive. When your home is clean, tidy and organised you are more likely to feel calm and focused. If, on the other hand, you can’t help but notice things that need to be done or have a tendency to make mental/physical to do lists, it is unlikely that you will be able to focus on doing something creative, for example. If one of your reasons to declutter is to make the space to reconnect with something you used to enjoy doing an additional benefit of decluttering may be an improved ability to focus.

Decluttering-Feel Time Efficient

So, if you want to maximise your time, sorting out your space is one of the most productive reasons to declutter. How much time do you waste looking for things or picking things up/clearing up a mess that has resulted from a disorganised space? If you are a thinker rather than a doer, could your brain power be put to better use than pondering all of those niggly tasks? Most people would like more time to do the things they enjoy. Time spent decluttering is undoubtedly time well spent. Ensuring your home is organised will allow you more precious time to do those things you choose to do!

Decluttering-Feel Empowered

Giving yourself the opportunity to do something constructive which will enable you to feel productive and organised is empowering. If those feeling then allow you to better focus, feel content and connected or facilitate creativity, what’s not to love? There are many reasons to declutter but taking control of your surroundings and taking steps towards achieving a clean, tidy and organised home may well give you the nudge to think about other areas of your life that deserve your attention. Allowing yourself to feel success within your own space may give you the confidence to make further positive changes.

What next?

So, looking for one tip to get started? Just get started… do one thing, any one thing which you consider a step towards decluttering. Be that sort out one drawer, clear off one shelf or tackle one cupboard. Set a timer, play your favourite music and just get started! Depending on what you’re sorting, have a couple of bags at the ready, maybe one for rubbish, recycling or relocation. Whatever it is, don’t think too much about it. Are your ready to embrace the feelings of positivity, productivity, contentment, creativity and focus sorting your space will achieve? Now that you know the reasons to declutter, what’s stopping you?

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