Staff Training For Primary Schools

Staff Training For Primary Schools

health and wellbeing training


Here at Landscape Your Life we appreciate just how busy, demanding and enjoyable life in a primary school can be. We understand the pressure leaders, teachers and support staff are under to provide the best service for their pupils, parents and the community. We believe that schools who prioritise the health and wellbeing of their staff contribute to fostering a supportive, nurturing environment which is conducive to learning, attainment, success and positive futures.

Landscape Your Life aims to provide staff with a practical, themed approach to achieving a balanced life. Our “garden” analogy provides a context everyone can relate to and introduces a shared vocabulary that can be utilised by the whole staff.  Introducing a common language is a powerful, sustainable tool which is particularly beneficial in supporting the development of resilience, self-esteem and positive relationships

Landscape Your Life supports staff in achieving a balanced, content life both at home and at work.

Our aims

  1. To support Headteachers in promoting a workplace culture that prioritises the health and wellbeing of their staff team.
  2. To provide staff with the knowledge and tools needed to improve their personal health and wellbeing.
  3. To encourage and empower individuals to make small, manageable and sustainable changes for a balanced future.

Our 6 key elements can be tailored to the specific needs of your staff.


How will your staff team benefit?    

Landscape Your Life presents strategies for:

  • Improving physical health
  • Developing a positive mindset
  • Prioritising downtime
  • Optimising time management
  • Developing helpful habits
  • Building positive relationships
  • Becoming resilient
  • Achieving a work-life balance


How will your school benefit?  

Landscape Your Life promotes:

  • The development of a progressive workplace environment
  • A listening culture
  • Productivity
  • A compassionate staff team
  • The sharing of success
  • A school which inspires learners and ensures everyone feels valued, respected and cared for


How will your pupils benefit?

  • Children will benefit from and be better supported by a staff team who are able to prioritise their own health and wellbeing  
  • Children who are taught in an environment which supports and models positivity, respectful relationships, strategies for productivity and resilience are more likely to develop these core skills



As of September 2019, to be outstanding, staff need to report that workload challenges are dealt with and that wellbeing issues are being addressed. This forms part of the leadership and management judgement. Landscape your life provides a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Our practical, and accessible approach ensures everyone can begin to prioritise their wellbeing.

Training Options

Our 90-minute training sessions are ideal for staff teams where time is limited. All 6 elements are included within the session and through visiting our website individuals can access additional resources to support their specific needs. Contact us for a quote.

Half-day training offers a more interactive experience. All 6 elements are included within the sessions but participants will have an opportunity to explore focused areas in more detail, converse with team members and consider how to best utilise/personalise the concepts within the programme.

Half-day training usually consists of 2 x 90-minute sessions with a comfort break. Contact us for a quote.

As a business that specialises in creating customised health and wellbeing training, we will endeavour to accommodate the requirements of your particular staff team.

Will your school to choose to readdress the balance with Landscape Your Life? 

Please read our frequently asked questions and get in touch. As a starting point, a brief outline of your requirements, via email, would be appreciated. In addition, please provide a contact name and the name and address of your school.