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Staff Training For Organisations


health and wellbeing training

Positive, productive and content staff teams work the hardest and produce the best results! Staff members who feel valued, listened to and supported will give their best and go the extra mile!

Here at Landscape Your Life we recognise the importance of investing in the health and wellbeing of staff teams. Our training programme aims to encourage employees to consider key elements which contribute to achieving a balanced, content life.  

We appreciate that no two staff teams are the same, which is why we consult closely with managers/team leaders to ensure that training is relevant, useful and meets the needs of your team. 

Our aim is to provide realistic, practical based training for real people. Our feedback suggests that often, having attended a Landscape Your Life training session, people feel empowered to make small, manageable changes to their lifestyles. We hope that this facilitates long-term growth and contributes to a positive, optimistic outlook – which, of course, is great for business, productivity and the whole staff team. 

What is Landscape Your Life?

Landscape Your Life is a “garden themed” analogy, offering an accessible context to which people can easily relate. Our 6 key elements; Health, Wellbeing, Balance, Relationships, Productivity and Resilience are intrinsically inter-linked and play an important role in achieving a balanced life. Our training programme is visual, practical and includes a variety of styles to accommodate the different learning needs of individual staff teams. Our aim is to introduce a “shared vocabulary,” to help facilitate the growth of the team and strengthen their relationships.

All training sessions include the 6 key elements of Landscape Your Life. Depending on the requirements of your team, we will focus on the particular components you feel are most relevant. All sessions begin with a brief overview of our programme, providing a context for participants.

Training Options

Our 90-minute training sessions are ideal for staff teams where time is limited. All 6 elements are included within the session and through visiting our website individuals can access additional resources to support their specific needs. Contact us for a quote.

Half-day training offers a more interactive experience. All 6 elements are included within the sessions but participants will have an opportunity to explore focused areas in more detail, converse with team members and consider how to best utilise/personalise the concepts within the programme.

Half-day training usually consists of 2 x 90-minute sessions with a comfort break. Contact us for a quote.

As a company that specialises in creating customised health and wellbeing training, we will endeavour to accommodate the requirements of your particular staff team.

How will Landscape Your Life benefit individuals?

Health – A greater awareness of the key components required for improved health, with practical support and suggestions on how to get started straight away. This may result in less sickness and faster recovery time.

Wellbeing – People who enjoy “downtime” and actively plan their time to include doing the things they enjoy, feel more relaxed and content with life. A better relationship and understanding of one’s self facilitates positive change and a sense of being in control. Subsequently, stress levels are reduced, mood is improved and strategies are developed for long-term self-care.

Balance – A balanced life supports general health and wellbeing goals and improved mental health. This, helps people to feel more content, develop resilience and have confidence in their ability to better manage challenges.

Time Management – Improved punctuality/positivity and better able to prioritise. This enables people to feel in control, calm, less stressed and less reactive.

Habit Development – In creating habits, people are better in control and experience higher levels of success. Being able to create a system which supports habit development is a powerful tool and one which can benefit people across multiple areas of their lives.

Relationships – People are able to identify sources of support/recognise and address any harmful relationships. Developing a better understanding of oneself leads to improved relationships with other people.

Resilience – Through feeling empowered and in control, people are more resilient and better equipped to develop strategies to deal with adversity or change. 

How will Landscape Your Life support staff-teams?

Improved health & wellness creates a positive, upbeat environment where success is celebrated and goals are achieved.

Better time management leads to higher levels of productivity and less reactive behaviour. 

Habit development leads to a “can do” attitude which is conducive to creative thinking and improved problem-solving. Success in one area provides building blocks to confidence in other areas.

By introducing a “shared vocabulary,” – relationships within teams will improve. Any potential issues will be tackled with purpose and a desire to move forward. Teams will become more resilient and better able to deal with change/adversity.

Team members may be more supportive and helpful towards each other. A compassionate team enables members to feel valued, respected and cared for – essential for positive mental health.

Is Landscape Your Life for your staff team?

By prioritising the health and wellbeing of your staff, you are investing in both the future of your team and the company. People who have the knowledge and tools to improve their health and wellbeing make for a  stronger, more productive and content workforce.

If you feel Landscape Your Life may benefit your team or company, please get in touch via email,

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